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Having served as San Francisco mayor, I know what it takes to get up every day and work hard for the people in our great city.That's what Mayor Ed Lee has done each day since he was elected -- and why I'm endorsing him for a second term. Gavin Newsom, Lieutenant Governor
As the worldwide mecca for the LGBTQ community, San Francisco demands a Mayor up to the task. For decades, Ed Lee has supported us. That's why I stand with him - I've seen his deep commitment to bring equality and fairness to all of us. Rebecca Prozan, Member, San Francisco Democratic Central Committee
Mayor Lee has always been amazing in his support for local businesses like ours. As Tommy’s celebrates our 50th year in San Francisco, we are grateful to have this Mayor by our side. Elmy Bermejo, Tommy's Mexican Restaurant
Ed Lee is fighting every day to create jobs, support small businesses, and secure more affordable housing in my home city of San Francisco.That's why I'm proud to endorse his re-election as San Francisco's mayor. Kamala Harris, Attorney General
Ed Lee has shown time and time again that his commitment to honoring the service of our veterans is something he takes seriously. As a former Rear Admiral in the US Navy, I am appreciative of his support for our men and women in uniform. Thomas Brown III, with Martha Brown
Mayor Ed Lee has been a tireless champion for the people of San Francisco, a leader who has raised the minimum wage, expanded health care coverage and continued San Francisco’s commitment to compassionate immigration reform. Nancy Pelosi, Congresswoman
Mayor Ed Lee works hard for every neighborhood and protects what makes San Francisco special. As an advocate for seniors, I know that he will fully support critical programs in our community. Anne Cheng
When I worked for the City of San Francisco, Ed was the City Administrator and I knew him to be kind, accessible and devoted. I know he cares about this city and its residents because he walks the walk everyday and has done so prior to his role as Mayor. Jennifer Browne
I endorse Mayor Ed Lee because of his steadfast support for the SFUSD. As a product of San Francisco's public schooling system, I can fully attest to the importance of public education in elevating our community. Derek Flores, Aerospace Engineer
Being the founder of my own company and an immigrant, I have great respect for Ed Lee and all he has accomplished. I support him for many reasons but especially because he is authentic, approachable and an advocate of women and gender equality. Ditka Reiner, Reiner Associates
As an advocate for San Francisco’s youth community, I’m proud to have a mayor who believes in directly appealing to young people to get involved in the pressing issues of our time. I believe Mayor Lee will continue that engagement with another term. Leah Pimentel, *Vice Chair, San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee
Having prosecuted violent offenders as a district attorney, and now working to protect and improve our criminal justice system, I commend Ed Lee for all the work he’s done to ensure a safer community while guaranteeing our constitutional and civil rights. Bill Fazio, Law Offices of Bill Fazio
Mayor Lee has been a committed advocate on behalf of our City’s children. As a teacher who works with kids from all different backgrounds, I am thankful that San Francisco has a Mayor who makes our kids’ future a top priority. Marco Magsaysay, Rising Sun School of Martial Arts
I support the mayor because he is an extraordinarily hard-working individual who keeps his word. His ability to connect with his constituents on a personal level shows how much he cares and how dedicated he is to making this city the best it can be. Chong Park, Korean Full Gospel Church
As Geary Boulevard small business owners, it is invaluable to have a partner at City Hall like Mayor Lee. The Mayor has been an advocate for our local business community, and we are excited about working with him for the next four years. David Heller, Greater Geary Boulevard Merchants Association
I support Ed Lee because he is dedicated to the success and balanced growth of San Francisco. Through the Asian Law Caucus, he organized and represented the tenants of the Ping Yuen building in their first rent strike and I've always admired him for that. Al Cheng
Mayor Lee is an independent thinker, a consensus builder, and a man who wants to get things done. Mayor Lee is not a political person who always does the politically popular thing. He does what he thinks is truly right. I admire that very much. Ken Cleaveland
I support Ed because he understands the challenges and needs of families, foster youth, and people who are living below the poverty line. Let's all get out and support our Mayor, Ed Lee. Sokhom Mao, City of Oakland Police Board Chairman
Ed Lee is a sincere, compassionate and active San Franciscan. As a retired K-12 educator, I appreciate his continuous advocacy and tireless support and assistance for all the diverse peoples, neighborhoods and families in this city. Maria Nickens Little
Mayor Lee is working hard to make San Francisco a safe, more affordable, and vibrant place to raise my two little boys. Amiee Alden
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